Ways in which kids can have a better and brighter future

Children must be taught what to think, not how to think.

-Margaret Mead

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders.Rightly said so, their future starts to shape from today. Currently, we have students. Ultimately, these students will grow into responsible citizens — employers, employees, professionals, educators, and caretakers of our planet in 21st century. Beyond mastery of standards, what can you do to help prepare them? What can you promote to be sure they are equipped with the skill sets they will need to take on challenges and opportunities that we can’t yet even imagine?

The competition today is growing with a great pace. Every child should be creative, tech savvy and most importantly should have the ability to make connections. As the technology is growing, so does learning.

We need to help prepare tomorrow’s kids with utmost importance.


     1.Help in building Personality.

           A character of a person shows of his greatness. His principles, compassion, kindness,     working style, command over oneself… these traits become even more important with impressive tools and wider reach. Reputations can be destroyed overnight through social media. Words last.


  1. Communicating

      The concept of Community is changing at a faster pace. Kids have to be taught to build better relationship and value system. Relate with people of common interests, in this way kids can join classes and clubs with common activities where they can communicate around their similar hobbies. Try to improve themselves by keeping idols with similar background who are experts in their fields. Giving in strong viewpoints in discussions, this makes up for a solid foundation in the long run for better leadership in future.


  1. Sustainability

       Our kids should be taught to conserve energy, the importance of renewable and non-renewable energy. Involve sustainable practices and make them aware and responsible about the abuses and misuses that the planet suffers. Teach the kids about caring for the planet and show them their ideas and actions matter.


  1. Better ways to study.

  With the constant advancement in technology, information is available from so many sources  there are so many sites filled with data. We need to teach the kids what information to use. Changing their ways of learning by involving more student friendly activities in class.


  1. Focus

    There are so many choices for kids now and might get bigger in the coming future. The kids adapt to all these and most of them end up multi-tasking. Multi-tasking though a good thing can distract the kids and hamper the kids focus. Multi-tasking makes the kids do all the things at one go and it ends up not completing even one.


Along with all this, let our future kids be taught to make the most of what they have and also add in values, cultural upbringing to make them better human beings.