Empowering girls through Education

You educate a man; you educate a man. you educate a women; you educate a generation. -Brigham Young. Education is the only way for a girl or a woman to [...]

You educate a man; you educate a man. you educate a women; you educate a generation.

-Brigham Young.

Education is the only way for a girl or a woman to get away from the orthodox beliefs of the society, break the shackles and come out liberated. India has always tried to put it’s best foot forward to enable better education especially for the girl child.

Even after maintaining that education is a fundamental right. There are various hindrances that a girl faces while attaining education. One among the biggest adversities that a girl faces while getting education are like why should a girl get educated as she is only supposed to do household chores, education might degrade their thinking. They might get out of hand and many such things.

Now after so much persuading and countless articles on Girl child education. Some of the people have realized the seriousness of educating a girl child.

A girl is no less than a boy, is a fact that the society doesn’t seem to understand. A girl is more active and hardworking in whatever she does. Education for a girl is her everything, on this basis she can live her life without any support nor she is dependent on others. If a girl is educated she also helps in the family income hence a better standard of life.

An educated woman also is a boon to her children as she can help them with their children’s studies. This could help the kids learn better and instill better values in them. Along with this comes habits, behaviour, mannerisms which the mother can impart in her children only if she is educated.

Our government has started many programs to make sure that no girl misses a chance to get education. Through this many girls get free education which also helps for their parents ending them to school as it’s free of cost.

After so many programs by the government in helping the getting the girl child educated, there are so many people who still think that girl child is a burden on them hence they are left behind in attaining education. The problem here is that people here do not want to change in their thinking, speaking, action and don’t adapt to the change that’s taking place and stick to their old thinking and methods.

Unless we devise a plan and grab the attention of the masses on the perks of girl child education, these programs won’t give the aspired effect.

The important thing here is that we refuse to accept that men and women are equally important as they are the two sides of the same coin. They both hold the future in their hands.

So, the girl child should be given equal opportunities as the men have and they shall outgrow the boys.

 Let us together make sure that the girl child gets her Right to Education and spread a word about it.

Let us give the girl child an opportunity to showcase her talents and let go of her inhibitions.