Bringing about change through Education

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

– Aristotle

Change is essential for humans to grow and for them to look out for better opportunities. Change sets in when the current social structure is unable to meet the wants of the humans.

Education has always played a crucial role in bringing about substantial change to the demands   of our nation. It always begins to bring about long-lasting changes in one’s nature. The role of education was aggravated in the ending years of 20th century to accomplish the needs of the nation. Education can bring about varied changes in us by changing our approach and attitude towards humans. Also changing our way of life and the way we look at things. Education can start a development in the arrangement of our social relationships.

But most of all education empowers an individual to do something that one’s not capable of. But this change takes place only after we get support from the society. Change comes from a unified transformation of people in our society. It can bring about changes in every aspect of one’s life.

Due to this, people have begun to think about situations, giving in their opinions and through this many people have also come up with the idea that education should not be judged in terms of accountability to administer jobs to certain amount of people rather it should be decided on the grounds of modern technology, and quality of education provided to the poor and deprived people of society. This knowledge can turn the population into an important and profitable part of our society.

There are quite a number of changes that have to be done to cover the current education system.

The current education system does not keep up with the dynamic trends of our society.

Education has become merely a tool to get into big jobs and and earn more. It’s become a race.

Education does not help in providing value framework which may produce such committed individual who help to pursue national goals to take their country at optimum level of development.

Considering education as an agent of social change, the person who brings about the change should know what he/she is doing. In this case the teacher is the one who brings about the change, he or she turns to be the voice of less privileged and needy people. They become social reformers and they impart value structure to their students and eradicate injustice which are achieved on the basis of class, status, colour and creed. There is a strong demand to get devoted and skilled teacher in the education system notably at the elementary level. Predominantly, in the advanced countries they have their priority on good and quality education at the elementary level in this way level of higher education naturally develops. But in developing countries, the spotlight is on higher education. It is now well known that schools contribute a lot towards the desired change of wit and values.