Education in India

Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself

– John Dewey

Talking about growth and development in our country, there are numerous ways that are discussed and debated through which growth be taken place but the one factor that always plays a core and major role in the development of a country is “Education”. So, talking about education there’s a vast gap that has come to notice. This gap is between the urban and rural schools. The urban schools are getting the best of infrastructure, modern facilities, technological equipments for their labs etc. whereas on the other hand the rural schools are tackling with basic amenities like clean Toilets, there is very less qualified teaching staff, so the kids don’t get the motivation and proper education that they’re entitled to.

The main reason for this is that most of the rural schools are in villages where there’s no basic necessity like Proper roads and electricity. Also, not forgetting that one of the major factor that plays the most important part in education is a Teacher. In India, there is a need to target on improving the kind of teaching in the country, other than broadening the reach of education with all the hi-tech equipments and other unimportant things.

The standard of Indian education has always been low as compared to the others. It comes across that many students studying in 5th grade don’t know even how to read the text of 2nd grade. The current set of teachers do not fit the bill properly, majorly because of poor training and partly because of the  lack of training institutes in India. Also, most of the institutes focus on the urban areas hence the rural areas suffer and have low literacy rates.

As most of the teachers want to get into schools in the urban areas depriving the rural areas of trained teachers. This being the primary reason so the kids in the rural areas are left with ill-equipped and untrained teachers which affects their education big time. There have been studies through which it has come to know that Indian students are not equipped enough for the jobs in the real world.

The training structure in India should be satisfactory enough so that teachers are groomed to meet the challenges. To develop the educational structure we should also give teachers the respect profession deserves. The training institutions should make the selection process more demanding for other applicants to get attracted to. The training that is given to the teachers should be that of empowering teachers to cater to a classroom of multiple levels of learning. 

Originally, it was thought that better infrastructure and modern facilities would improve the level of education but it is on the experience & training of the teachers that a child’s future is dependent on. So, with better training, we get better teachers and the kids get better education.