Every child deserves better!

It was one afternoon when team Umang asked me to come and do a motivational session for the SSC students at Vakola English High School.

I wasn’t wondering what would I tell them and suddenly I was transported to my SSC days.

Preparing for boards pressure to perform well from school, family, friends and society.

10th Standard board exams are seen as no less than a battle. The days were filled with revising exam papers and we had no strategy except practicing the papers of previous years and simply glide through what we called “guide” then. Mothers care in getting proper diet and juices and fruits and father ensuring exam hall venue and hall ticket and other logistics.

So after getting out from my nostalgia I land up in the school in Vakola. A small school in a slum area and in one corner was a class with students who were to appear for Tenth board exams.

And as I proceeded with the session asking them what they wanted to be and hearing their vision was heartwarming. These children didn’t have much facility yet their dreams were big and the will to achieve their dreams.

These kids came from a lower demographic background. Forget about having separate rooms to study and fruits to eat, they lived in places where they couldn’t even get some time for them to concentrate and study without getting disturbed.

Yet Umang Foundation Trust offered great support. The school kept the class on for children’s to come and practice and Umang Foundation Trust ensured the kids had proper strategy to cover up their syllabus in last 40 days time.

Umang played the role of that sibling, friend and family by providing them with exam kits which consisted of Writing pads, all the stationery required for their exams, a book with all subjects past papers for the students to practice and also sample answer sheets, barcodes and holograph so that the students were aware of how to fill up the answer sheet during their exams.

It feels great to be associated with Umang Foundation Trust and such schools who are more focused on getting these kids educated to have better life.

Deepali Pandya