How Volunteering changes lives

The truth about our society is that even though technology improves our daily life and we have hundreds of different social media sites. People are always working, or simply always “too busy” but rarely focus on the important things in life. Furthermore, every single one of us has the power to influence many lives daily. This is possible through volunteering.

Volunteering is a team effort, because during this work you will meet many new people who can help you grow as a person and professionally. The most important thing is that each new person you meet opens up your horizons a little more, offers you valuable time and allows you to know new point of views. With each volunteer engagement, you gain valuable work experience that not only helps you to grow personally and take responsibility for your actions but also allows you to gain experiences in different fields. This is an essential fact that you can add to your resume and that can help you get a job.

In volunteering you will be imposed to question concepts that you have hitherto taken for absolute truths. The new point of views will allow you to see things in different perspectives. Wanting to make a difference must be your number one priority while taking up volunteering. You push yourself to our limits, do things that you didn’t know you could do and learn things you didn’t know you needed to learn. The feeling of pure joy and happiness knowing you have changed lives just by giving up few days of your life is indescribable.

You wanted to be selfless and give your time and efforts to these people who have no choice but  to live the lives that they do. You saw the injustice in the world and decided to make a conscious decision to help them. You were human. These people will be with you forever, engraved in your memories – they made you change, they made you strong, they made you realize the most important things in life. You don’t need word to realize the change you brought in their lives – it’s through a smile, , a hug, their generosity and hospitality.

Dedicating yourself to any volunteering project is an admirable way to contribute to the betterment of the world. And in doing so you’ll also add to the bettering of yourself. Perhaps the most life changing part of volunteering s when you return to your home environment and notice the glaring differences. You will realize how much we take our privileges for granted. You’ll start to look at little things you complained about in the past as incomparable.

You’ll leave your volunteer position feeling empowered and inspired to do more good in the world.  From here on, you’ll be more aware of the instances you can help your community in the smallest ways. We realize why we’re on this earth. It’s to care, help and make a difference.