Be Kind, Feed A Stray

Many complain of dog nuisance, how strays have bitten their children, chased them around or have attacked them. While we need to be protective of our children, the fact is that these are disturbed animals who had been tortured as babies. Animals and humans both have the same five senses; except for a human like brain. So if I slap a person, I don’t expect him to go slapping every other person he sees. But dogs have a natural tendency to chase every human. The problem is, we are also doing the same, if one stray attacks us we will make life hell for every animal we see on the street. However, looking at the situation from a people perspective, the one thing you can do is to get volunteers from various government and non-government bodies working with animal welfare and have the strays taken away to safer environments.

Stray pets are often just pets who have been separated from their owners. They need food, water, shelter, and compassion. If you have noticed a stray animal in your area and want to help it out, the time to act is now because the longer you ignore it, the worse problems may be for that animal. Since most stray animals had an owner at one time or another, the first thing you need to do is call your local animal shelter, or pound, and report finding it. .

In some areas if you feed a stray cat or dog, you are considered the legal owner of that animal and are responsible for its care and continued up keep. You might only be feeding it to befriend it, until you can catch it, but otherwise do not start feeding an animal if you are not willing to continue caring for it.

It is not just about dogs or cats, it’s about all animals. Research shows that animals are extremely affectionate, and they way you keep them, they will be with you too. Giving a little love or small acts of kindness hurts nobody and this something not everyone understands. Animals are known to recognize love in any form. And so the good you do to a stray animal will never go waste.

The earth was not meant only for humans to inhabit, these animals are an ignored but important part of our ecosystem too. If you’re one of those who cannot be compassionate towards strays and cannot bear having them around, the least you could do is simply show some humanity towards them. Ensure that they are not treated with cruelty; teach your children the importance of being compassionate to all living beings.