Showcase your Skills and Talents

Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”

Talent is a commodity that some say is God-given. We talk about the beauty and wonder of talent all the time. Whether its athletics, music, business, speaking, leadership or writing, there are individuals who seem to be born to do a certain thing. It’s hard to describe, but it’s exactly like a color, you know it when you see it. There’s just one problem : Talent is just not enough.

Have you heard someone say, “That footballer is really talented,” only to see them fade into oblivion? Or have you been told about “a promising young writer” but never hear their name again?

Why is this? Because talent does not always translate to success. Being told you have potential does not necessarily mean  a compliment. Potential is wasted all the time.

The greatest sin in life is wasted talent. An implication of this, is that you exalt the examples of those who get the most out of the least, while condemn harshly those who get the least out of the most. There are underachievers and overachievers in every walk of life. And he sin of wasted talent applies equally to all. Just remember that to whom much is given, much is expected. And you need to work in proportion to your aspirations.

One should discover one’s talents. It requires giving a serious thought about the way you live and the aspects of your life. This would not only lead you to discover your talent, but also to fulfill your objectives of life. It is very important o recognize your special gifts or talents, traits or creative strengths in order to live life.

If you discover your talents and use them wisely, you will be making a great personal contribution to yourself and the society. Your talent is just not for you, but to serve others too. In this way, it would be great unjust if you hide your talents. Rather, you need to look for effective ways o improve your creative process and shine your talents.