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“The best way to find yourself is when you give yourself for the service of others”.

“The best way to find yourself is when you give yourself for the service of others”.

I did my first workshop on increasing focus and meditation at Our Lady’s Home School at Dadar as part of Umang Foundation Trust’s outreach program. One of my most amazing experience where I met the group of young boys their innocence and experience was completely fulfilling, with all the pain and suffering they had in their life they were smiling through it and were saying yes to life. One of the most deepest experience I had when I gave an exercise to the group on their self talk and that child came up with very strange thing about his negative self talk and on further investigation he spoke how he felt forsaken and deserted from his mother and he could never meet her again and making this child comfortable and further working on him with help of therapy which made him calm. Gave an insight on so many things we on daily basis are gifted and we have been taking for granted there was no better way of learning to send gratitude to all the things that we have right now in our life, so many times we either brood over the past that is gone or dwell in future that has not arrived and forget the magic in the moment of all the things we have right now. On this day I took back home a great lesson to be in gratitude with everything good, bad right now in my life.  We learn a lot when we revisit the child energy and that was my lesson and an amazing moment of my life to be with the future generation to be with their child like presence in the now, to smile in the pain and keep playing with whatever we see around us.

My next session was with Sneha Sadan Orphanage , Andheri east at a beautiful location next to vinalaya retreat which amidst mumbai is peacefully one with nature and has amazing stillness and calm . Now like a said every time when one is close to the child energy it has something that opens up a pandora box of learning there were yet again a group of orphan kids or kids who were underprivileged now here these kids when I reached were all merry and all in the play mode and at that moment the teacher there was trying to make them quiet and sit and was telling me they won’t sit for meditation as it’s their playtime and I don’t know how will you manage them? And that’s the time I said why put the kids in the box and spoil their energy let’s get along with the energy I see and feel in them and I changed my way and tunned into songs where they dance and played with me and then finally as they got to connect with me I slowly put them into the practice of meditation. This clearly was another lesson to me that not always things could be as planned and when it comes to children you need to be one among them. An experience to be a child again is my experience from this session.

Being a doctor and dealing with lot of female health issues there is been one topic that I have been working exclusively on with a lot of others NGOs on Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation and this time I had an opportunity from Umang to talk to the girls of St. Thomas Marthoma School at Malad (East). This topic always wherever I take begins with a lot of awkward feeling from the audience and it needs a lot of ice- breakers to make the girls talk about the topic. Where society has time and again in grained that period or menstrual cycle are something not to be talked about or not feel comfortable  about the topic. There is  some resistant and the ear talking among little girls and yet once you talk to them about it slowly they find themselves comfortable about the topic and then they come and talk to you about what are their difficulties when it comes to their menstrual health. Bringing an awareness of this is a step in prevention of so many disease and complaints that can come up in life.

Every time it’s a new opportunity to learn and serve the community and do a little part in the change of the upcoming society. I feel there are no much words that we can use to thank Umang Foundation and their team who is working so hard to create change in the society. I am so  happy to play my part and contribute to the society alone I may not be able to reach so many kids and help them to get aware and educated with various aspect of life. Umang Foundation Trust bridges the gap between the service providers and the people in need . A noble step of Umang Foundation Trust to make changes and bring smiles on millions of faces.

– Dr Sadaf Ulde

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