Care Factory

The objective of this is to enable students and volunteers of Umang to take up skill training that will enhance their skills. The students are given an opportunity to develop their artistic skills and make these products out of recycled materials. The students at Umang under the guidance of volunteers use waster articles and make something beautiful and useful out of that. The articles include decor bottles, pen holders, fancy diyas, kulhads, earrings made of quilling paper, envelopes, etc. These products are then bought by people for gifting and personal use. Their talent has inspired a range of products which feature their stunning designs from stationery to bookmarks, paper mache, decorative bottles, pencil stand and many more.

The sale of these products encourages our children and also helps to raise funds to support some of its education programs. It is our goal to become self sufficient through the sale of these products and we welcome you to help us. Many corporations and individuals use these products for giving gifts on Diwali, Birthdays and other occasions.

We were honoured to present these handmade gifts to our past Speaker Late Sir.Alque Padamsee, Madam Nawaz Modi Singhania, Ms. Lina Ashar &Bollywood Actress Neelam Kothari. They were very delighted and had words of praise for Umang while receiving these gifts and spoke high about the talented Umang children.

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