Employability skills


Are you confident in speaking English?

Are you effective in your communication?

Do you need guidance to raise your English to the next level?

 At Speak English we specialize in refining the advanced aspects of speaking English, such as accent reduction, pronunciation practice, skillful conversational English and public speaking.

If you want to gain the confidence you need to communicate fluently and effectively and achieve mastery of the English language Engage yourself in the English language: hear it, speak it, think it and dream it

  • Refine your listening skills and raise your level of communication
  • Learn and practice the mechanics of correct pronunciation
  • Eliminate past errors and gain confidence in speaking
  • Articulate clearly and reduce your accent
  • Modify your speech so that others can understand you better
  • Learn the skills of personal and public presentation
  • Discover yourself as a fluent and competent communicator.


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To be the most reliable organization for coaching people to speak English fluently and to ensure growth for organization and individuals.

Speak English is an initiative of TT Global learning system to help all those who want to have fluency in speaking English. In todays era in whatever field you may be it is absolutely essential to have the skill of effective communication.Speak English is your first step of your ladder to success in life.


Anil Thomas

Anil Thomas is an eminent speaker in the field of human development and has coached more than 8600 students across Mumbai in last 17 years.
A rank holder and meritorious student himself in his academic days.He is the founder Director of TT global learning System and TT educere pvt ltd.

“Tell me what you want and I will tell you how”-Anil Thomas.

Aisha Kazi

Aisha Kazi is a BPharm graduate from Oriental College of Pharmacy.She has done her MBA in marketing from SIES college of management studies.She is in teaching field and also handling business development.

“Being able to speak English is a must know skill for everybody in todays Era. If you want to pave your way to success in whichever field it may be the first step is to learn English. Join speak English academy and acquire the confidence of excelling in corporate world .”-Aisha Kazi.

Annette Fernandes

Annette Fernandes has been in Teaching Profession for over fifteen years. Touched the Lives of many through her teaching. Her students being from toddlers to adults. Many Housewives and highly qualified Engineers too have had knowledge of the English language imparted to them and made them socially as well as personally accepted. From a teacher, mentor to a guide. She loves Teaching and feels learning is an ongoing Process.

“There is no age for learning.””-Annette Fernandes.


At speak English we stimulate both your right and left brain to ensure your command on English language.

Step1: Learn simple vocabulary and related memory skills. Here you will attend lectures and understand the content.

Step2: Stimulate your proprioreceptive responses. It is involved in both pronunciation and Syntax. Here your own audio will be recorded and evaluated.


This course is for the beginners who want to learn to speak English in daily conversations.


  • Words and sentences
  • Basic grammer
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Daily usage
  • 12 tenses in English
  • Role play


This course is ideal for those who want to know grammatically correct way of speaking and writing English.you will learnhow to communicate in the corporate world.you will also be trained for appearing interviews.


  • Grammer usage
  • Communication skill
  • English for real life
  • Public speaking
  • Personality development
  • GD/ mock session
  • Job interview skills


This course is for those who want to learn correct pronunciation.It is Apt for those whose job demands correct accent while communicating with clients.


  • Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Communication skills
  • Accent neutralization and fluency
  • Business Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • GD
  • Mastery in Interviews
  • Personal grooming.