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Umang Foundation Trust runs a learning centre for serving the less privileged students with education, counselling, mentoring & employability skills. Many of these children come from broken or abusive homes. Through our initiatives we intend to make a better world for them. Volunteers from different colleges make all the difference from spending their time each day in helping our Umang children with their daily studies, teaching them vocabulary, communication skills, book reading, building their confidence and oratory skills.The Learning centre also encourages fun activities such as art crafts, educational movie session, creativity workshops.

Let’s start conversation on Menstruation

Let’s start the conversation about Menstruation – The event was organized by Umang Foundation Trust under the initiative of WHSHEP to bring to light the problems, taboos and myths around menstruation. It was an evening filled with an audience who came to support the cause and pledged to break the societal myths taboos around it.

This event is showcased an array of speakers and activist such as Dr. Amit Gandhi- Surgical Oncologist, Krishna Iyer – Story Teller, Samara Mahindra – Founder & CEO carer Program, Navaldeep Singh – SPoken Word Artist, Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal – Social Activist & Writer and Aranya Johar – Spoken Word Artist.

The WHSHEP event aims to reach out to 6000 women in our community to educate them and provide them with basic hygiene needs. This event highlighted the issues relating to Women Health & Sanitation, breaking taboos and encouraging open talk and conversations.

Butterfly – A Spoken Fest on Mental Health

Butterfly – A Spoken Fest on Mental Health was organized by Umang Foundation Trust. It was held to bring to light the various mental health issues, to make people aware of the importance of simply talking about it and not considering it as a taboo or stigma.

It was a wonderful evening where our presenters engaged all in an inspiring and illuminating insights on mental health. To the many people who came in support of the cause, we are truly grateful.

This event showcased an array of speakers and activists such as Dr. Harish Shetty – Renowned Psychiatrist, Mohammad Muneem – Poet, Singer & Songwriter, Blythe Baird – Spoken Word Artist, Mehak Mirza Prabhu – Story Teller, Anish Vyavahare – Poet, Actor, Asif Ali Beg – Actor, singer, voice artist and teacher, Amrut Bhat – A Drum Circle Facilitator.

Santa For All

Umang Foundation Trust organized “Santa For ALL” a christmas celebration with the specially abled children of MDC Home Mankhurd, Jyotirmay.

The event started with an introduction, dance performances by Raja and his dance group and Fireflies girls dance group from SNDT College, Matunga followed by snacks. The happy smiles and joy on their faces made our event a success.

A big thank you to all the donors, supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made this possible !

Diwali For All

Umang Foundation Trust organized “Diwali For ALL” a Diwali celebration with the specially abled children of ADAPT and for less privileged children of Kamathipura.

The celebration started with an introduction,dance performances by Raja and his dance group, Some fun activities and games followed by snacks.

Diwali can not be more enlightened than smiles on these faces, energy and lots of joy with these kids.

We would like to thank all the donors and supporters who made this possible for us!

Breakthrough 2020

The NLP Summit conducted in the month of November was a great success.

We had a great panel of speakers who spoke on various topics which helped the participants gain insights on how they could improve their life.

The Breakthrough 2020 had panelists from the corporate and well as the professional world, thus amalgamating both sides of the coin.

With over 450 participants and 10 speakers staying engaged for a week, the outcome was overwhelming.

Here is what Breakthrough 2020 had to offer…

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