Mental Health Counselling

Our emotional health is just as important as our physical health. Be aware of what you are planting in your mind, body, and soul.Mental health is one of the most ignored and less spoken about condition. It’s a taboo and it’s a stigma to speak about. 1/8 people go through mental health conditions in India, they are well dressed but deep inside stressed.

Mental health doesn’t mean extreme cases of bipolarity, here we are talking about cases such as depression, self harm, paranoia, personality disorders, etc. To emphasize on why it’s important to openly talk about mental health and why it’s not a taboo.

Umang Foundation Trust to organized Butterfly – A spoken Fest on Mental Health to educate, bring awareness and advocate
We have been conducting Mental Health Awareness session at places like The Vanity Case Group of Companies, Karma Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Our Lady’s Home, Sneha Sadan Observation Home Dongri, Matoshri Vidya Mandir.

Join hands with initiative and help us spread awareness on Mental Health in more schools and chawls, Corporates like these.

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