My Learning Center


The Umang “My Learning Center” is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to providing opportunity for less privileged students through educational scholarships and Physical Street School Programs. We believe that an education is the most effective way for individuals to improve their own lives.

The School is imparting education for all-round development of children in a true SECULAR manner, so that the values of human dignity and equality are enshrined in the hearts of the pupils. This will help them to be responsible citizens and help to build a democratic society.

No school can achieve its aim without the participation of the parents. The interest and involvement on part of the parents consist in their efforts to understand and support the objectives of the school.




“My Street School” is a school for the less privileged, which began in 10th October 2010. “My Street School” is an initative of “Umang Foundation Trust” to provide education focusing development of young learners.

The school began its first year with 10-15  students .

It was started with a vision to provide free coaching, focusing on their school subjects and providing them vocational training. Regular counseling to the children and parents has been provided for their overall development. The school is an eclectic team of volunteers who come to the classroom with extensive, real-world experience . They guide the learning of each child from dependence to interdependence with deep knowledge and understanding of their subjects and the curriculum offered.


Beyond academics my street school also conduct different activities like:

1. English Speaking :

English Speaking program began on 3rd August 2013.The student and tutor simply meet in a classroom to accelerate learning and ensure student is able to speak well!

During the session the tutor uses variety of tools and practice exercises to ensure best outcome. This includes role plays, listening exercises, vocabulary building exercises, by connecting the program with day to day situations.

Students and tutor move through each course together, beginning with a review of the last class materials, followed by a new lesson, then by guiding practice, and finally ending with a mastery demonstration. The English speaking class has helped the students to communicate more efficiently and confidently.

2. Employment:

Another project undertaken by “My Street School” (Umang) was Employment Program.

It involved:

  1. Identifying Youngsters who are suitable to work
  2. Training them
  3. Searching for vacancy
  4. Preparing the candidate for Interview
  5. Placement

Eg: Beautician Courses, Tailoring

3. Skill Development Programme:

The objective of Skill Development is to create a workforce empowered with the necessary and continuously upgraded skills, knowledge and qualifications to gain access to decent employment. Umang aims at increasing the productivity and employability of workforce (wage and self-employed) in some sectors.

Hence Umang started skill development programme such as Beautician Courses, Tailoring Course. Skills development can help build a “virtuous circle” in which the quality and relevance of education and training for youngsters who are suitable to work fuels their innovation.

4. Counseling:

The counseling pregame started with a view of providing ways to test students and meet their needs.

Counseling helped many students from non-dominant backgrounds (i.e., students of color, poor and working class students, students with disabilities, and bilingual students) from getting the rigorous coursework and academic, career, and skills needed to successfully graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary options including college.

Counseling is been provided to students as well as their parents.

5 . Explosure To Self :

The main objective of this programme is to give students to experience their skills. Here we have students who have dreams to achieve goals in life and “My Street School” is a place where this is done free of cost.



Vinod Murgan

I enjoy coming to “My Street School”. Over here we study, play, do different activity . We also get snacks, books, pencils and many more things. Coming to “My Street School” I have learned to be disciplined , keep cleanliness and different types of activity.

Vinita Murgan

I like coming to “My Street School” because I don’t like to stay at home and in the school I get to meet all my friends and I also get to learn many new things. I learned many good habits and also learned to be disciplined. The teachers over here are very kind and they are always ready to help and guide me.


In “My Street School” the studies are very nice. The teachers here are very systematic; they talk to us in a very friendly way. I get to meet my friends over here so I like coming to the school every day.

Vishal Gupta

I am in class four I like to study and like studing more wen I am in “My Street School” . I learned many things here . Its like my second home.


I come to “My Street School” from past one year, this is my second year. I like coming here because I like studying with my friends we all over here like to study along with studies we get to learn many new things . the teachers over here help us to do our home works, teaches us good habits and many new things.

Sanjana Gupta

In the school I do my home work, learn new things and habits. I like “My Street School” because I get to meet my friends. After we finish our studies we do different activities such as Drawing, Craft, Sometime we even play games. The Teachers here are very helpful they always teach us good habits.


  • The faculty at My Street School is an eclectic team of Volunteers who come to the classroom with extensive, real-world experience.
  • They guide the learning of each child from dependence to interdependence with deep knowledge and understanding of their subjects and the curriculum offered.
  • Teachers foster integral connections with curriculum and develop programmes based on student interests and inquiries.
  • The backbone of teacher’s support system is our on-going professional development programme.
  • Our optimal student-teacher ratio, allows us to encourage closer interactions among students and faculty, and simultaneously creating a lively intellectual environment.
Fatima Nagarkar

I have been associated with the Street School for over a year now. My fortunate association with the foundation came through via a newspaper advertisement. I have loved every second of working with these kids at school. They bring pure bliss and happiness to my life and I’m greatly thankful to Mr and Mrs Thomas for giving me such a great opportunity.

Rachana Awatramani

She,is a counseling psychologist who creates her own ways of dealing with self and her clients. One of the projects which was founded during her association with Umang Foundation Trust was ” My street School” .My Street School aims to provide a space to street children where they can explore beyond education. Along with ‘after school’ support it was observed in the survey that children required a place to be children, play, explore, understand self and experience education along with the regular school syllabus. This project was designed where the kids were making their own school the way they want and therefore it was named Umang’s My Street School. Since then we have seen tremendous progress in the academics of the children of our school. They have been given training in spoken English, Psychological counseling and guidance for them and also to their parents along with vocational guidance and training.


Does “My Learning Center” (Umang) receive government funding?

As an NGO (non-government organization), we do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes.

In that case, how does “My Learning Center” (Umang) raise resources?

Through two main routes:
– donations from concerned individuals and organizations.
– sales of products (these include greeting cards, stationery, and calendars) and
Some may sponsor the costs of education and/or health inputs to a child or group of children, others to support the specialized inputs required by challenged children among others.

The problem is HUGE! Will my small contribution make a difference?

Sure it will. In fact, we estimate that something as small as the purchase of a single card can pay for a child’s education and health for a day. And, trust us, all those small contributions put together add up to a LOT!

Why does “My Learning Center” (Umang) not give the names of children to donors?

We believe that the work we do restores to children what is rightfully theirs. Beneficiaries must not be made to feel obliged for the support they receive. Hence, rather than supporting individual children, we pool the resources we raise and disburse them to the programmes we support. Every attempt is made to ensure that there is no differentiation between children. And while names of children are withheld, we encourage you to visit the projects we partner, so that you can experience the various ways to which your resources are being put.

Are “My Learning Center” (Umang) employees paid for their work?

The full-time employees are. We believe that this is important to attract the professional talent we need to manage our activities (and your resources) effectively. It is important to note, however, that “My Learning Center” (Umang) salaries are modest in comparison with commercial organizations.

In which month does the academic year begin at “My Learning Center”?


What are the minimum age criteria for admission?

  Minimum age criteria for admission is 05 years

Is there any admission test or what are the admission criteria?

Admissions are granted on 2 key factors collectively, one is compliance to the minimum age criteria and second the parents must be interested in continued education of the child.

What are the school term periods and when are the school holidays?

There are three terms in a year and school holidays are worked on the basis of festivals and school breaks.

Do “My Learning Center” schools provide school bus transport for students?


Does “My Street School” have school uniform and can I purchase the school uniforms from the school?


What is the fee structure of the school?

5500 per student (which is taken care by donors)

What are the school timings?

The School timings are from 5:30pm-7:45pm