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Umang Foundation Trust is certified with 80-G No.CIT(E)/80G/1197/2015-16 and 12AA Registration No. 47769 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Donations to Educate children are exempted from tax u/s 80G of Indian IT Act.
Art Work By Children Of Umang Learning Centre

Care Factory

The objective of this is to enable students and volunteers of Umang to take up skill training that will enhance their skills. The students are given an opportunity to develop their artistic skills and make these products out of recycled materials. The children of Umang Foundation Trust along with the volunteers, make products to display their talent, creativity and hard work. Come and Encourage these bright minds! Do help them build a better tomorrow! . Their talent has inspired a range of products which feature their stunning designs from stationery to bookmarks, paper mache, decorative bottles, pencil stand and many more.


Skill Training

Giving opportunity to enhance different talents.



Making new and creative things out of unused and waste materials.


Support Educational Programs

Sale of the products encourages children and also helps us to support their education.

14 (1).jpg

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.

                                                                                                             — Henry Ward Beecher

The students at Umang under the guidance of volunteers use waste articles and make something beautiful and useful out of that. The articles include decor bottles, pen holders, fancy diyas, kulhads, earrings made of quilling paper, envelopes, etc. These products are then bought by people for gifting and personal use. Their talent has inspired a range of products which feature their stunning designs from stationery to bookmarks, Paper Mache, decorative bottles, pencil stand and many more.

Raghu Raman.jpg

Capt Ragu Raman being gifted products made by our Umang Students.

9 (4).jpg

Reused bottles for making it more creative by adding colours and lights.

7 (2).jpg

Making creative pen stand by quilling and making fun designs.

Support Care Factory

Sewing machine is one of the simplest and most effective resources to give to a woman to help empower her to earn a respectable living as a seamstress, and support her family to rise out of poverty. For women who have no formal education and therefore no access to decent, well-paying jobs, vocational skills like sewing hold an important alternative. In societies where there is discrimination and a lack of security, earning a living as a seamstress is a means to independence and empowerment for women in the safety of their own homes. To you and I, a sewing machine might mean the occasional mending of clothes, but to a woman and her family somewhere, it is a powerful weapon against poverty.

Recycled Brown Notebooks

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