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Brain Child Invents Sanitary Solution

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Aditya Pachpande is a child prodigy, entrepreneur and among many other things, the innovator of the Covid Suraksha Kit. At the mere age of 15, Aditya, a student of 9th grade from Chinchwad district, has earned himself many titles.

Necessity leads to innovation, and Aditya Pachpande, founder of NextGenInnov8 Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has proven just that. With a spurge in the Covid 19 cases and the rampant spread of the virus, people have started paying greater attention to hygiene. Sanitization at every step has become imperative, especially that of groceries. The process, however, is wearisome, tedious, time consuming and not completely hygienic; not to mention the immense wastage of water and other chemicals. In order to facilitate easy sanitization of groceries and food items, Aditya came up with the concept of COVID19 Suraksha Kit. He presented this DIY UV-C Light Sterilization Box for protection against the virus, and to essentially decontaminate and sterilize vegetables, groceries, parcels and other essential items at a very economical price.

The young innovator conducted extensive research on the different ways to combat the virus. He found out that application of UV-C rays are useful to kill bacteria and viruses. The box has a mesh on which the items can be placed and are sterilized by using UVC light in a controlled environment for 360-degree sterilization. It has a range of around 240 nm which is optimum to destroy the RNA and DNA of viruses. This sterilizes the objects in the box. It makes use of aluminum bubble wrap, which is the ideal material used to reflect UV-C light and makes it easy to clean. The box is available in three variants. These include a DIY Kit, Cardboard Box and a

Steel Box. All the three variants are equally effective in killing bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. They only vary in durability, due to the difference in the materials used in manufacturing it.

This UV-C sanitizer box can be used for sanitising food, electronics, clothes and much more. The box is a boon for sterilizing vegetables and baby products since neither soap nor alcohol based disinfectants can be used on them. This kit also saves water, which is generally used in plenty for the purpose of sanitization. This easy-to-use, convenient kit makes it an ideal choice in a variety of settings, including police stations, schools, hospitals, offices, colleges, vegetable vendors, small provision stores and houses. The sanitization box provides an effective solution that is environment friendly, as well as light on the pocket, in a matter of 4-5 minutes.

Aditya took part in assembling over 1000 such kits in a mass DIY event to spread awareness and help this technology reach more homes. The kit has also received a patent. After the evaluation report from CSIR-CMERI, he intends to make 15,100 more such boxes and distribute them to the poor and needy.

We extend our deepest gratitude and admiration towards Aditya Pachpande for donating these boxes to us. We distributed these sanitization boxes to people in slum areas and also to staff working in hospitals so that the process of sanitisation is much easier for them.

Although achieving such a great feat at this young age is no doubt admirable, the act of using one’s gifts and channeling one’s talents for the betterment of society and for a greater cause is what makes Aditya’s achievements impressive and noble, and for that we are forever grateful!

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