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Bringing home and happiness in the hearts of children

The most precious thing in this world is the smile on the face of a child. Our team at Umang Foundation Trust had something special planned for the children at Desire Society. It is a care home for orphan children living with HIV providing these homeless children with all their basic requirements like beds, blankets, daily nutritional meals and snacks, clean clothing and large doses of individual attention to make each feel special.

According to Health Ministry of India nearly 70,000 children are living with HIV/AIDS. 70% of the children lose their parents due to the disease. These children not only have to live

without love and support of their parent but they have to find their own way through uncertainty. There may not be a cure for AIDS yet, but we still have the power to help rewrite the future of thousands of children in India by providing a strong supportive bond to those children.

This Children's Day, our team of volunteers arranged a small session to enable the kids staying in the Desire Society Care home to feel the love of the day. Most of these children do not even know that a day has been dedicated to celebrate them and their childhood. We held games such as ‘Simon Says’, ‘Dog and the Bone’ and ‘Antakshari’ to entertain the kids and bring a smile on the face of those kids. Lively and fun interactions with kids filled the hearts of each and every child.

After the organization of games, each child was surprised with a gift hamper sponsored by our donors, which the kids accepted with gratitude and appreciation. All in all, the smiles and laughter that we got to witness on these children’s faces surely touched our hearts.

Let these kids not lose their safe space. Help us reach the target amount so the children can continue to receive the nourishment, care and medical support they require. Your contribution can help them have a normal childhood and a chance at life.

Support us to provide them with basic healthcare and resources:

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