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Christmas Comes to MDC Home

It is said that ‘Happiness does not result from what we have, but from what we give.’ However, it doesn’t always have to be the material things that we could give to others. Sometimes, giving others your precious time could be the greatest gift. On 22nd December, Umang Foundation Trust organized an event named ‘Santa for all’ wherein the volunteers and guests associated with the trust came together at MDC home, Mankhurd to celebrate Christmas with the specially-abled people. An exciting day was planned for these precious individuals.

The event started off with meditation. Everyone present there from the MDC home were made to sit in rows and meditate. Meditation is the key to a calmer mind and a happier soul. However, it is not always easy to calm your mind especially when there are a million thoughts running through our mind every minute. The specially-abled people of MDC home did it with such ease. Despite of the physical challenges that they coped with, they just closed their eyes and followed the instructions thoroughly.

The event was then proceeded by two amazingly energetic dance performances. The crowd was grooving along to the beats other songs and truly enjoyed the moment. If only we could just leave all our thoughts aside and truly live a moment to its fullest. There was also a felicitation program arranged to award the talents of the people staying there. They proved that if you truly want to achieve something, the only thing stopping you is your excuse! After the successful completion of the event, snacks were distributed by the volunteers of Umang. Something as little as cake for breakfast brought wide smiles on the faces of the people. In today’s world where everyone is running after money and riches, they were happy and satisfied with what they got.

That day, each one of us got to take back so much with us, so many lessons that those people unknowingly taught us. They taught us to truly cherish a moment while it is there, they taught us that the only thing stopping us from achieving our dreams are the excuses that we give, they taught us that despite of the circumstances we can be happy and take life head on. There is a reason why they are called specially-abled, because they are the ones who truly know the value of life and hence choose to live it to the fullest.

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