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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Every year with board exams approaching, schools and colleges work hard to prepare their

students. The stress and anxiety created due to the massive competition the world is headed towards, every parents would want their child to score the highest rank possible, probably even 100%. This added pressure from parents, family and friends disturbs the physical as well as mental well -being of the child.

Therefore, counselling before the board exams is very essential for better performance and

health of the children. These counselling sessions give children some mental support and

strength to use their energy in a positive manner. Most schools are now taking counseling sessions for better results. A counselor in these sessions does not only talk and try to de-stress the child but also guides them to adopt a better lifestyle/ timetable to manage their study time.

Thus, Umang Trust Foundation took the initiative to conduct a counseling session on 7th November 2022, for the students of Rameshwar Vidya Mandir,Vakola, Santacruz (E) to guide them for their upcoming board exams . We invited our Educational Mentor Crowny Tegamchi to address the issues felt by the students of 10th std on the topic ‘Exam Stress and its Preparation’. She provided effective tips such as meticulous study plan, proper time management, emphasized on the need of revision, improving speed of writing and handwriting, neat paper presentation, while at the same time, stressing on how one must keep their stress at bay by devoting time and other stress reducing activities.

This enabled the students to reach out for help or any difficulties faced while studying. It also motivated the students to study more effectively, most importantly to study smart rather than study hard. The students realized their potential, aspiring them to work hard (also smart) to attain the best possible results. Overall, it was a wake up call for each and every student.

The session was a excellent effort to help the students in these stress inducing times. It was a grand success, all thanks to Crowny Tegamchi to think out and actually execute the session to help the students.

Umang Foundation Trust runs a learning center for serving the less privileged students with education, counselling, mentoring & employability skills.Through our center, we have reached out to countless underprivileged students to learn and progress.

Support the students with stationery and study materials to reach their goals.

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