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EQ Pop–Up Festival - Emotional literacy and goal setting

There are lot of emotions in us. Everyone has all kind of emotions in ourselves but the thing is we don’t understand what kind of emotion we are facing. Some emotions are such that we can react a lot and even it can go to an extent that we use abusive words which is not a good thing to implement. To understand our emotions and how to handle it and use in every situation Umang Foundation Trust took an initiative to conduct a counselling session on 14th January 2023, for the students of Mula Mulinche Samarth Vidhyalaya, Kalina, Santacruz East to guide the young students and let them understand their emotions and how to take a control on the over-rated emotions so that the relationship with the person does not affect.

This session was held by Somrita Chatterjee and Jaya Rajdev. Somrita is an Personal Empowerment Coach, she help in excelling by connecting you to your core; focus is on 'being.' Jaya is an Author, Assistant Professor, EQ Coach, Counselor and Co-Founder at Ubuntu - Nurturing wellness:Building values.

Young children don’t understand their emotions so they could react in any way as they don’t have words to react. The first thing was started with – Intro activity Ocean Waves for emotional literacy. This was an activity to show and make children understand that how to react on all kind of emotions. There are a lot of emotions such as happy, sad, excited, anger, disgusted, fear, anxiety, surprise, guilt, satisfaction, shame, amusement, boredom, pride, embarrassment, interest, contempt, envy, awe, admiration, nostalgia, love, calmness, hatred, hostility and many more. So the ocean waves depend on the frequency of the emotion. If we are happy the waves are light in frequency, if we are angry the waves are aggressive or higher in frequency and such more depending on the emotions. Thus our counsellors explained how to control your anger and other emotions using an activity that can help children to understand and realize their emotions. This activity was done using the hands and making waves using the hands, this helped the children to go through all the emotions.

The second activity was Colour your Heart to understand your emotions and their intensities. In this activity all the children were given a piece of paper and some colours. Emotions are from your heart and thus we get our emotions and feelings from heart and we need to understand them. If we don’t get our emotions we get confused and thus all the relations are spoiled because of this like friendship, family, etc. So in this activity children were told to draw a heart on the given page. Later all the types of emotions were explained to the children and were told to colour a part of the heart regarding any emotion they feel. For example – if we are happy use red colour to colour the heart like if you were more happy from morning till that time then colour a big area of the heart, if you were less sad then use blue colour and colour less part of the heart. Thus the entire heart was coloured and children realized their own emotions. Even children shared their feelings like whatever they were feeling on that time and the problems also they felt to share, all the necessary suggestions and guidance were given to them.

The third activity was – Goal pizza for goal setting. In this again a piece of paper was shared with the children and were told to draw a pizza. The pizza was divided in four parts in the drawing. This four part indicated different goals of life which included career, relationship and other things. The children were asked about their goals/aims. They were tought how to reach their goals and aspire them. The word SMART was explained them in a very detailed manner and thus children got a clear picture of they can reach their goals. This session helped children in many ways and understand them the main part of the life. These activities were held only for the children to help them, to understand them the main part of the life and how to handle those emotions so that the situation gets handled. This sessions were for the betterment and improvement of the students/children so they can also share and explain these things to the other person who needs to understand this.

Lastly, we ended the session with music and movement where the students were told to do some exercise and relax themselves and their minds. Some refreshments were given so that children feel good and enjoy them. At last all the feedback were taken from the children and it resulted in that every single child enjoyed the session and learned many new things from this session. All the children were interactive and took part in all the activities. They got to know types of emotions, how to handle them, what should we do in extreme emotions, how to reach their goals and suggestions given to the children regarding their problems. This was a very happy and enjoyable session for the counsellors and the children also.

Umang Foundation Trust runs a learning center for serving the less privileged students with education, counselling, mentoring & employability skills.Through our center, we have reached out to countless underprivileged students to learn and progress. Support the students with stationery and study materials to reach their goals.

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