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Health Check-up for all

One of the first questions that should come into our minds is, how to get access to healthcare for underprivileged people!

One thing is true, the rich have better access to the health care system, whereas at the same time the poor struggle to find basic health care to stay alive. The rich can seek health care in hospitals and also have the luxury of visiting their physician in private OPDs, where definitely the doctor devotes more time to one patient examining him/her. Whereas for the poor, even if they need basic health care they have to travel relatively long distances, maybe they will have to wait a long time in queues for getting simple medical care, maybe the best doctor available won’t be seeing them in the first instance. Because of financial constraints, the poor can’t afford the best medicines, hence there is a compromise when medication is prescribed to them.

On various occasions, the phrase, ‘COVID-19 does not discriminate’ has been repeated. This, however, is a dangerous myth, sidelining the increased vulnerability of those most socially and economically deprived. For people of low socioeconomic status (SES), a number of factors increase their exposure to COVID-19. First, economically disadvantaged people are more likely to live in overcrowded accommodation. Poor housing conditions, limited access to personal outdoor space, and overcrowding will reduce compliance with social

distancing. Second, financially poorer people are often employed in occupations that do not provide opportunities to work from home. All these reasons add up to them being exposed to various places and are at most risk of covid.

Now comes the question: how to provide them with good healthcare systems? Well, we can open charitable hospitals in rural areas, Free medical assistance to BPL (below poverty line) citizens, organize free regular check-up camps, etc. there is so much we can do but we aren’t able to. It requires a willingness to participate in such charitable work, it’s the willingness to see a better world. Even a few events like these with the best of people will create a huge impact. Don’t you think?

We, Umang Foundation Trust, have done a little something for them. We were a part of Aaroya’22, the flagship event of Kshamta, SRF OF SPPSPTM, SVKM’S NIMIMS, which aims at making a difference in the lives of so many underprivileged, by providing them with healthcare, (free check-ups). These include Blood group, hemoglobin, and BMI tests; Skin and dental checks. Not only this, the most important, we provided consultation regarding women's hygiene by a gynecologist itself. Overall it was such an enlightening activity.

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