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Menstrual Hygiene also matters - Sanitary pad distribution drive

In India, menstrual hygiene instruction is considered taboo. It is difficult for women to openly request sanitary items from a male family member who generally fetches goods from the market. The menstrual health of millions of girls and women in India is disastrously impacted by the Pandemic and the future looks grim.

We at Umang foundation trust have taken up the responsibility of distributing sanitary pads to women from underprivileged or weaker sections of our society.

We have distributed sanitary pads to women in various different locations such as Chafewadi, near Badlapur. ZP school Shahapur and various slums and low line areas. We take care of the women’s hygiene and run a drive WHSHEP where women and girls in the slums are helped with sanitary pads and sessions are conducted to guide them during their menstrual cycles.

On this international women’s day on the 8th of March, Umang foundation trust along with our volunteers and Farida Dariwala from padsquad distributed sanitary pads to women at the small Chawla and slums in Santacruz.

Through donations and sincere efforts of our volunteers, we distributed a large number of pads to various different age groups of women. We saw that so many young girls and women were very shy to even talk about menstruation let alone hold the pads openly in public due to the taboo surrounding women’s periods in these relatively low line areas.

We at Umang foundation trust through our campaign WHSHEP continue to work towards providing women with the necessary requirements during their menstruation through the distribution of pads as well as circulating information through sessions for their health requirements. Do continue to support and trust the work we do and join us in spreading awareness about women’s hygiene and providing resources to the less privileged.

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