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Santa For All

We all love Christmas, don’t we! No matter where you live across the globe Christmas is one such occasion which flushes joy into the air. We can’t get over making plans with our family and friends about what we will do this Christmas holidays. Some of you must be planning a short road trip across the country, now that the wrath of virus has reduced or maybe you’re planning to stay in your own city and celebrate with your family and friends. It is a cliche but still we are excited for the presents we received from Santa, be it the top books on your to-read list or a dress you always wanted to buy or a box of beautifully handcrafted chocolates. Christmas present always brings smiles on our faces.

We have been privileged enough to be born into families who can afford to celebrate these festivities but unfortunately there are many underprivileged kids who do not share the same privilege as we do. For them Christmas is just another day of the week, for there is nothing special for them. It is sad that while we enjoy our food, drinks and gifts and we light up our homes, small little kids stare at those lights hoping if they could have some of it too.

There’s no point of a Christmas celebration if we can’t put smiles on the faces the underprivileged. Umang foundation is doing just that through the Santa for All Mission. We are celebrating Christmas this year with the children of Umang Leaning Centre and MDC Home Mankhurd on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2021. We hope to bring in whatever little ways we can, a smile on their faces by sharing foods, drinks and cheer with the children. Christmas is a festival of joy of giving gifts, It would be an incomplete celebration without giving gifts to the small kids. And no these aren’t very sophisticated gifts, just simple balls, rackets, board games and things for the children just to bring a smile on their face. If not gifts you can support us by gifting others our recycled brown books. These books are available on Umang Foundation Trust website and all the proceeds goes to the underprivileged Children to help them live a better life.

It would be amazing if you could help us achieve our mission of making these kid’s Christmas a little more fun. You can come join us on the day or you can make your contributions on our website. Let us take the pledge of spreading happiness and making our Christmas more inclusive, let our warmth be felt beyond our walls of our homes. Let us celebrate Christmas the way it ought to be celebrated, with kindness and with love for all.

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