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1 year subscription

For making artwork creative on work awareness and social media engagement, brochures and newsletter for donors.

Number of User - 2 User

INR 6,590/-

Wix Website Subscription

1 year subscription

For building our website and promote our cause

Number of User - 5 User

INR 3,600/-

Zoom Subscription

1 year subscription

Conducting online classes, meetings, sessions and workshops for students.

Number of User - 4 Users

INR 13,200/-

Zoho Subscriptions

1 year subscription

Maintaining accounts and CRM management

Number of User - 2 Users 

INR 4,999/-

Google Workspace Subscription

1 year subscription

Storage of the data, online classes, pictures of activities.

Number of User - 4 User

INR 8,000/-


1 year subscription

For video editing and promotions

Number of User - 1 User

INR 4,000//-

Hard Disk (1TB)

Quantity {2} 

For making artwork creative ( Premium Pro & InDesign)

INR 3800/-

Android Mobile Phone

Quantity {2}

Capturing pictures and video of students doing activity.

INR 13200/-

Tax exemption details

80 G Tax Exempt Receipt

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