Its about transformations!

The Butterfly event is organised to bring to light the therapy and resolutions to various mental health issues, to spread awareness of its importance of being able to simply talking about it and not considering it as a taboo or stigma.

To be able to resolve issues with the help of certified practitioners,  mental health professionals and healing experts.

16 October 2022

Venue : Mumbai

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Therapeutic Conversation are too good to be restricted only to a selective lot of people from our society. it must spread and all must benefit. its not just illness, its a progressive step towards wellness

When you hear the word ‘DISABLED’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, Mental Health is less tangible than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear sometimes. It is easier to say "My back is hearting" than to say "My heart is broken".

The Butterfly event is a bold attempt to have conversations, therapies and coaching session under one roof with certified professionals from our city. All this in a days time, under one roof, in various areas of issues, tools (techniques) and (or) modalities. there are wide range of choices. and in all of that, make sure you 'choose yourself' first over everything !  

Step 1

Pick an area to work with or a tool/technique or a modality

Step 4

Enter all your detail online, make the payment & register online

Step 2

Choose a therapist (Coach/Counselor)

Step 5

You will get a confirmation email

Step 3

Select a time lot that fits your schedule

Step 6

Be present on 16th October for your session at scheduled time

Get your private one to one session
scheduled with a certified coach

Get your private one to one session scheduled with a Certified Coach.

Working with a certified coach gives you more insight towards your life, it is a non directed, non -suggestive session of listening and taking you in touch with your deep inner self, so that you could listen to 'what is really important', 'what is non-negotiable' and 'what needs to be heard'. It is an attempt tp share the context in which you would like to have more choices, so that you now begin to see your life from a very different perspective, like from a meta position.