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A Mental Wellness In-person event was held in Mumbai “Butterfly” organized by Umang Foundation Trust

Mumbai 16th October 2022: Umang Foundation Trust’s annual charity initiative “Butterfly- It’s About Transformations” to promote Mental Health and Healing was organized at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai on Sunday, October 16th, 2022.

The event was a bold attempt to have more than 100 therapies under one roof within a day. “Butterfly” reached out to experienced specialists to extend their services to those who may not have ever had access to them before. Throughout this ambitious event, 12 professionals guided a hundred people to embark on their journey of mental, emotional, and physical healing.

The event is supported by Panadevi Sharma Charitable Trust. The Charitable Trust is headed by Mrs. Sushma Sharma. She has been working in the field of Mental Health and Counseling for the past 30 years. She shared “Mental health has always been an issue that I have been very close to, a dear family member suffered due to the non-awareness of mental health support. That's when I started Ashray Counseling Center under our family trust and started counseling way back in 1989 which was a time when nobody wanted to talk about mental health. “Wellness is not only about the other parts of the body it's also about the mind.”

Winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Amit Khanna (film director, writer, film producer, actor & fashion photographer) and Annkit Bhatia(actor) best known for his negative character as Balwinder in BhagyaLakshmi on Zee TV will be the chief guests of the event.

Amit Khanna shared his thought on mental health "Mental Health is of prime importance to everyone, I'm currently trying to focus on both mental and physical health but it all starts from the mind. And I think that it's a very important topic today for everyone."
At the event Annkit Bhatia shared “Most of us actors, we concentrate on our face, on our body on our skin but with our busy schedules we forget the most important thing that is mental health."

12 mental health professionals Aarti Asrani, Aditi Joshi, Charulata Mody, Divya Bajaj, Dr. Sharmila Dhobale, Dr. Trishla Gala, Naina Bhatia, Nandita Mittal, Sonia Bharadwaj, Ssanket Jayant Popat, Sushma Sharma and Vinay Pisat guided more than a hundred people to embark on their journey of mental, emotional, and physical healing through various modalities like Emotional & Physical Healing, Trauma Recovery & Blueprint to Thrive, Family Constellation, Resolve your Conflict & Dilemma, Past Life Regression Therapy, Access Consciousness, Family & Relationship Therapy, Pranic Healing, Tarot Reading, Counselling and Sound Frequency Healing all under one roof.

This project was led by Aarti Asrani and Svetlana Almeida.

Building awareness for mental health is a great initiative on its own, but “Butterfly” goes a step further by opening its doors for everyone to board their preferred train of healing.

Mental health is not a luxurious commodity. It is not only our privilege but it's also our access. And I'm surprised that it is not available freely. It should be available freely, and it should be easily accessible because it's our privilege to maintain the hygiene and the sanity of our mental health. We believe in that and that's why we want to make sure that this happens” shared Mr. Anil Thomas, Founder and Trustee of Umang Foundation Trust.

This charity initiative aimed to raise funds for Umang Foundation Trust’s activities. Umang Foundation Trust works with underprivileged children's education, sanitation & hygiene programs for women, Skill development & employability skills, and mental health awareness.

Throughout the day, the total collection at “Butterfly- It’s About Transformations” is donated towards Umang Foundation Trust’s initiatives.

Connect with us: Instagram- @umangft | Facebook- Umang Foundation Trust

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