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Its about transformations!

The Butterfly event is organised to bring to light the therapy and resolutions to various mental health issues, to spread awareness of its importance of being able to simply talking about it and not considering it as a taboo or stigma.

To be able to resolve issues with the help of certified practitioners,  mental health professionals and healing experts.

26 June 2022

Venue : Jaipur, Rajasthan


Therapeutic Conversation are too good to be restricted only to a selective lot of people from our society. it must spread and all must benefit. its not just illness, its a progressive step towards wellness

When you hear the word ‘DISABLED’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, Mental Health is less tangible than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear sometimes. It is easier to say "My back is hearting" than to say "My heart is broken".

The Butterfly event is a bold attempt to have conversations, therapies and coaching session under one roof with certified professionals from our city. All this in a days time, under one roof, in various areas of issues, tools (techniques) and (or) modalities. there are wide range of choices. and in all of that, make sure you 'choose yourself' first over everything !  

Step 1

Pick an area to work with or a tool/technique or a modality

Step 4

Enter all your detail online, make the payment & register online

Step 2

Choose a therapist (Coach/Counselor)

Step 5

You will get a confirmation email

Step 3

Select a time lot that fits your schedule

Step 6

Be present on 26th June for your session at scheduled time



Anil Thomas

Impacts & Trauma and New Behavior Installation

72749FD5-F74F-40A4-AB78-69B73C13E1BB - Dr Raghav Shah.jpeg

Dr. Raghav Shah

How to help a loved one having an addiction

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-29 at 11.17.24 AM (1).jpeg

Nandita Mittal

A memoir on self talk 
“Stories we must tell”

Get your private one to one session
scheduled with a certified coach

Get your private one to one session scheduled with a Certified Coach.

Working with a certified coach gives you more insight towards your life, it is a non directed, non -suggestive session of listening and taking you in touch with your deep inner self, so that you could listen to 'what is really important', 'what is non-negotiable' and 'what needs to be heard'. It is an attempt tp share the context in which you would like to have more choices, so that you now begin to see your life from a very different perspective, like from a meta position.


Now, when you see these aspects of your life, you can edit and fix certain things. A one‑to‑one session becomes very important because in those moments of silence, you get to see your life from a whole new description.

What will this session give you? 

First of all, it will give you a clarity of what things are and whether you want these aspects and whether you want to change it. 

Professional help and support, which is not suggestive or directive third,

A tool, a technique with which you can work with, not just on that day, but something that you can carry on with you and keep the practice alive

Continued support for the future.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is the most neglected area. Not because we do not know about it, but because many other tangible aspects of life takes us by surprise and we get busy with life by itself. It's important that we focus on mental health and wellbeing otherwise everything that we acquire will be soon lost.

Spend time in introspection with yourself, to see and hear, that which needs to be seen and heard, so that life could be aligned and manifested in the direction that it needs to be. 

Decide on the area that you would like to work with, could be issue based, tool based or modality based. 

Select a certified coach to work with you in your desired area of preference. 

Select the time slot (one or more) 

Upon meeting with the Coach, agree upon the resolution you are looking for during the course of the intervention. 

Every intervention is content free, non-directional and non-suggestive. 

Therapy/ coaching is a process to provide the client with more choices in the context they were stuck or wanted more choices previously. 

These intervention processes are new behavior generators at an unconscious level, triggered by concisions participations. 

Practice is key, Conscious participation is a gift and the real secret is regular practice of the tools and the practices that the coach shared in during the intervention process. 

People who have managed to live a life of their vision, and those who are living their 'bet versions' are a select few who dares to practice the practices on a regular basis, its these practices that creates the difference in the longer run of life.

Now we want to share our expertise with you to support you to bring the 'best of you' to every field of your participation. 

Therapy & Counselling

Why its important for everyone 

An intervention session allows you to speak your truth without filters or hesitation. Pause, if you may - and then gather your strength and keep going ! You never have to worry about having others jump into your conversation or feeling as though you are dumping a huge burden on someone.

Counselors act as a support system that allows you to share in whatever way you need in order to find that deep healing.

Professional Woman

Validity and Clarity

Why its important for everyone 

Sometimes, sifting through your emotions is hard to do on your own. If you’re feeling confused about your feelings, it’s always best to find clarity through speaking with a professional.


They will help you to feel entitled to your emotions, regardless of how irrational you think they may be. These are basic childhood needs, to be seen heard and touched, its not only important, but its central to our very existence. 

Reiki Therapy

Answers & Explanations

Why its important for everyone 

Counselors go through many years of rigorous education in order to be able to analyze and assess the human condition. A certified coach/ therapist will therefore be the rock on which the foundation of therapeutic intervention is built.   


Regardless of your situation, they will be able to tap into your deepest resources with your willingness and light. So that you could see more, feel more and be more. 

A Supportive Hug

Therapy & Counselling

Why its important for everyone 

Taking the step to visit a Counselor is self-care, especially in a world that benefits from your self doubt, an act to step into a therapeutic intervention is an act of bravery.

Beware of whom you speak with about these deep unresolved issues, It can be difficult to talk to strangers about your burdens and struggles, especially if you feel as though they are unimportant in the larger scheme of life.


Counselors are here to help you in any way you need and, more importantly, they care deeply about supportingyou improve yourself.

Female Patient

Therapies to good to the restricted, just to a selected few. 
It's not a luxury item

And therefore we are all entitled to it and we must benefit from it. A good 
therapeutic session is something where you get nonjudgmental listening time. 

It's where you communicate

Therapies to good to the restricted, just to a selected few. 
It's not a luxury item

other side, or is this where you want to stay?

Therapy because life is happening at a fast pace and we are all occupied in many ways. So this is that silence you come home to

Understanding things through the lens of the future.

Letting go of the past it's trauma it's abuses or limiting beliefs, you know, understanding what causes the cons and to know what resources you need to go ahead

There is merit in silence, and there is merit in those conversations, which happens in those silent pauses and moments. Tools and techniques, intervention interventions, 

Creating some strong, compelling goals, maybe creating a legacy.

… or simply want to simply find more meaning, balance, and freedom in your life, we will help you stay on focus and take bold action toward dreams!

This event, the series of butterfly is coming together of many professionals, certified therapists from the city. They are here available to you so that you could work with issues that are important to you in your life.

These sessions happen in slots of 45 minutes to one hour. You can book your slots as the shed you'll given below. These are all IST timing, Indian time.

9am - opening

12:15pm - 1:15pm

9:15am - 10:15am

3:15pm - 4:15pm

10:15am - 11:15am

4:15pm - 5:15pm

11:15am - 12:15pm

5:15pm - 6:15pm

Break of 15 minutes in every session 

Lunch break is between 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Closing Ceremony and felicitation will be from 6:15pm to 7pm

Meet Core Committee Members

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-29 at 11.17.24 AM (1).jpeg

Nandita Mittal

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-29 at 11.23.43 AM_prev_ui.png

Svetlana Almeida


Why therapy is important?

Why it should be done professionally?

Here's your chance to embark on a life-changing journey with us as your personal coaches, along with an exclusive group of amazing people who will inspire you to achieve incredible new heights in your own life.

And the monthly accountability and ongoing support will keep you motivated and focused as you take brave action to make your vision a reality.

Best of all, you'll experience a new mastermind group each month and are limited to 6 MEMBERS MAXIMUM

This intimate group size guarantees you get the personal mentorship you need to achieve your goals.

Once we start working with you and discovering what kind of support you require, we will customize the masterclasses, laser coaching sessions, and ongoing support you need.

So if you feel like you’re not getting the support you need at home or work to make real progress toward your dreams, I strongly encourage you to join us!

Approaches and Structure 

Issue based approach 

One of the way to get into a session is, if you know the issue that is bothering you, or the area that you want resolution, but for some reason a behavior or context is interfering or not letting you live the life with full choices. 

for example, a past trauma phobia, allergy, or a constant negative inner self talk, negative self image or fear of public 
speaking, et cetera.

Tools or technique based approach

Sometimes you know how to work with an issue, but you would need some back up of a tool or a technique. may be you are a therapist yourself or someone who have gotten into therapy in the past, and today you want a refresher of a tool or a technique. when you work with a particular tool or technique you begin to master the art of practice and get to perfection. 

for example : reframing, regression, anchor, VKD etc etc 


There are so many modalities available in our world and some of them are just so amazing and resourceful. you could work with an issue or a context using a new modality and(or) may be just for your deep curiosity of how a particular modality works or what are its key factors, . 

for example : Access consciousness or neuro‑linguistic 
programming or hypnosis or gestalt therapy or transactional analysis, et cetera.


Now is the time to take a bold action in self‑realization so that you keep yourself first in sanitizing, your mental health 

and the new chain. 

Don't wait, let's take this together on 26th June 2022.

It's about transformation

26 June 2022

₹ 1500/-

Take one session to work with the most pressing issue of your life.

Find out which area of your life there is disparity, stress, strain, or void next, find out is that a role disparity? What is the issue? 

Evaluate your life through the lens of a therapist

Complete a game-changing project

Find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning

Launch a new organization

Spearhead a movement

Create your legacy

Book your seat today


take a leap in a direction that serves and empowers

₹ 1500/-

choose your coach and the area you want to wrok with

Call Svetlana :
+91 7045413367

GHAI (11).png


There is a lot that happens in the space of counseling and therapy. and one must remember that having a therapeutic experience and getting into therapy are two different things. 

listening to music can be therapeutic, built its not  therapy. there is a difference right, and therefore a certified counsellor (or a therapist) is what makes a difference. a session has to be non-directive, non-suggestive and aligned with what is congruent with you and your life goals. 

Support Mental Health Counselling


We started with an introductory session for our Mental Health Counselling Center at SNDT Women's University to make the girls aware of the cure and cause of Mental Health and how important it is to talk openly about it. Dr. Aditi Jain made the girls aware about Mental Health. Talking about your mental health with someone gives you the tools & strategies for navigating all that is going on in your life from stress or relationship issues to managing a mental health diagnosis.

Mental health doesn’t mean extreme cases of bipolarity, here we are talking about cases such as depression, self harm, paranoia, personality disorders, etc. To emphasize on why it’s important to openly talk about mental health and why it’s not a taboo.


Dr. Aditi Jain having a session on Mental Health with the girls of SNDT Women's college


Mental health awareness by RJ Archana at Mula Mulinche Samarth Vidyalaya


Mental Health Session at Vanity Case Group of Companies.

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